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Junior to a knight. Duty is to learn the code of chivalry, rules of heraldry, horsemanship, and practice weapons.
Took care of the castle estate and household administration.
Crafted and manufactured bows and arrows.
Declared announcements on behalf of the king or noble to the public.
Dispensed remedies made from plants.
A craftsman who makes shoes.
Brought and heated water for nobles.
Forged weapons, tools, and repaired armor.
Constructed barrels.
Cut hair, but would also serve as dentists, surgeons, and blood letters.
Spun yarn.
Employed to keep accounts.
Made clothes for nobles. Had knowledge of fine and expensive materials.
Secretary to a noble or royal person.
Craftsman who made things of wood.
Custodian of the castle. Makes important decisions in regards to defense of the castle.
Worked their lord's land and paid dues in return for use of the land.
Junior to a squire. Waited at table, cared for the lord's clothes, and assisted them in dressing.
Sang and played musical instruments.
Fought for their lord according to the code of chivalry.
Entertained the court.
Responsible for the castle entrance and guardrooms. Monitored who came into and out of the castle.
Came from religious establishments where reading, writing, and comprehension skills were learned.
Lowest of kitchen workers. Scrubbed pots.
Responsible for the castle cellar. In charge of the buttery (stores and dispenses beverages - especially ale).

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