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Can you name the scientifically inaccurate movies?

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Scientific InaccuracyMovieHint: Actor/Actress
Size of nuclear device needed doesn't existBruce Willis
No way to compensate for the vast pressure and temperature within the earthHillary Swank
Manmade computer virus is compatible with alien softwareWill Smith
Man survives a nuclear blast in a fridgeShia Labeouf
A truck manages to cross an area of molten rock without igniting the gas tankPierce Brosnan
Eyeballs pop out after being sucked into spaceArnold Schwarzenegger
Plants are sentient and can control their bodily functionsMark Wahlberg
Superflare hits New York City but giant TV in Times Square still worksNicolas Cage
Ships actually catch fire in spaceDenise Richards
Man develops gills (mutation) in response to a changing environmentKevin Costner
Disrupted gulf stream brings ice tsunami instantlyDennis Quaid
Scientific InaccuracyMovieHint: Actor/Actress
Humans attempt to jump-start the sun by adding all of the uranium found on EarthCliff Curtis
Human batteries would require more energy to upkeep than they would giveKeanu Reeves
Human finds a cure for a virus from his own bloodWill Smith
Flood waters and tsunami reach over the HimalayasJohn Cusack
Lava is easily contained and directed with the help of hastily built refuse pilesTommy Lee Jones
Two people survive an F-5 tornado by loosely tying themselves to a poleHelen Hunt
100% virulent and kills within hoursDustin Hoffman
Explosions yield noises in spaceCarrie Fisher
Bone structure supports immense weight of monsterMatthew Broderick
DNA of extinct species doesn't deteriorate and is relatively completeSam Neill

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