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Carbohydrates are molecules made mostly of carbon and hydrogen that make up things like waxes
The atom is the basic unit of life
The establishment of a community in an area of exposed rock that does not have any topsoil is secondary succession
The atmosphere is the portion of Earth that supports life
Solvents are mixtures that can react with acids or bases to keep the pH within a particular range.
Any inherited characteristic that results from changes to a species over time is known as an enzyme
A cell that contains a 2n number of chromosomes is a haploid cell
Entire species permanently disappear from the biosphere when the last member of the species dies in a process called emigration
The major light-absorbing pigments in plants are melanins
Galileo's system of classification was the first formal system of taxonomic organization
The second phase of photosynthesis called the Krebs Cycle in which energy is stored in organic molecules such as glucose
The close relationship that exists when two or more species live together is a niche
The organelle called the nucleolus helps manufacture proteins
Interphase is the stage of the cell cycle during which the cell's nucleus and nuclear material divide
ADP releases energy when the bond between the second and third phosphate groups is broken
StatementCorrect term
Bobcats, chimpanzees, and beetles are autotrophs, organisms that get their energy requirements by consuming other organisms
Two strands of nucleotides form RNA, which resides solely in the nucleus
The biome called the desert is a treeless biome with a layer of permanently frozen soil below the surface
The process of capture and conversion of nitrogen into a form that is useable by plants is called denitrification
Cells without a nucleus or other membrane-bound organelles are eukaryotic
Proteins called substrates are the biological catalysts that speed up the rate of chemical reactions in biological processes
Centrioles convert sugars into usable energy
Some cells go through a process called epistasis, or programmed cell death
The catabolic pathway, photosynthesis, is when organic molecules are broken down to release energy for use by a cell
Fish are free-floating photosynthetic autotrophs that live in aquatic ecosystems
A permanent change in a cell's DNA is called a transcription
Heterozygous means that you have two of the same allele for a particular trait
The maximum number of individuals in a species that an environment can support for the long term is the growth rate
Cilia are long hairs that move with a whiplike motion
Biogenesis is considered the mechanism by which evolution takes place
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