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Updated Aug 21, 2014

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Notable AccomplishmentBiologistYears Living
Invented the Polio vaccine1914 – 1995
Documented American birds and created detailed illustrations featuring birds in their natural habitat1786 - 1851
Created an early classification system for organisms384 BC - 322 BC
Contributed the theory of punctuated equilibrium1941 – 2002
Researched alternative crops like peanuts and was an advocate for sustainable agriculture1860 – 1943
Codeveloped the aqua-lung and pioneered marine conservation1910 – 1997
One of the scientists who discovered the shape of a DNA molecule1916 – 2004
Established that all species of life descended over time from a common ancestor1809 – 1882
Designed experiments to refute spontaneous generation1626 – 1697
Used x-ray diffraction to establish the double helix shape of DNA1920 – 1958
Notable AccomplishmentBiologistYears Living
Described four criteria (postulates) that helped show the relationship between a microbe and a disease1843 – 1910
Discovered the citric acid cycle in cellular respiration1900 – 1981
Developed the first light microscope1632 – 1723
Invented a method to stop milk and wine from causing sickness1822 – 1895
Created the foundations for our modern binomial nomenclature and system of taxonomy1707 – 1778
Studied heredity in pea plants1822 – 1884
Brought attention to the dangers of using synthetic pesticides; wrote Silent Spring1907 – 1964
Popularized a gene-centered view of evolution and studies animal behavior and its relation to natural selection1941 -
Studied gorilla behavior in their natural habitat1932 – 1985
Came up with the word 'cell' to describe the basic unit of living things1635 – 1703

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