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Description 1AnimalDescription 2
A common holiday main courseHow James Bond does NOT want his martini
Your mother's sisterA quick trip to Hawaii to tie the knot
To prepare a revolver to shootThe butt of a marijuana cigarette
Boxwoods, Yews, Burning, English Laurels, Honeysuckles3 Men and a _____
Animated movie: 'Over the ______'Porcine
One of the Ds in the classic game D&D'Hey, your ____'s down... made you look!'
'I don't think you're ready for this ______' (a song)Jam band with member Trey Anastasio OR ska band 'Reel Big _____'
Abbreviation for someone with prefers both sexes (rather than just one)'House of the rising _____'
To comb hair away from a dividing lineFast Times at ______mont High
The Amazon is an example of this type of forestWord that often starts a formal letter
Raggedy Ann for exampleInternational abbreviation for one of the Nordic countries
Description 1AnimalDescription 2
The third letterA spice: _____ anise
Musical with a famous nude scene'____ Golden Pond'
Slang; an example is 'Rolling Stone'Cherry, strawberry rhubarb, french silk, boston cream
Precedes 'Corleone' Small islands off of the tip of Florida
To throw with a high arcOn Christmas: 'Not a creature was ____ing, not even a mouse'
Another name for urineHead-butting another player in a sport would probably constitute one
People used churns to make it1986 movie with Jeff Goldblum featuring a science experiment gone wrong
One who fornicates for moneyProfessional basketball team from New Jersey
'Just ___ it'The ______ Show... featuring a percussion instrument
Common gift for dadsA low throat noise made by angry dogs

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