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QUIZ: Can you name the World Cities with Tallest Educational/Academic Buildings?

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Building NameCity/TownHeight/Year Built
Moscow State University787 ft/1953
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower668ft/2008
Cathedral of Learning535ft/1936
Cathedral of Learning522ft/N/A
Shinjuku Building436ft/1989
STEC Information Building405ft/1992
Boissonade Tower400ft/2000
Academy of Sciences394ft/1989
University of Technology394ft/1978
Liberty Tower390ft/1998
Torre de la Universidad Laboral384ft/1956
Erasmus MC Faculteitsgebouw374ft/1969
Rhodes Tower363ft/1971
Academy of Sciences353ft/1955
University Hall338ft/1965
Eshkol Tower335ft/1978
Osaka Mode Gakuen335ft/1999
Edison Building325ft/1927
University of Texas Tower307ft/1937
Building NameCity/TownHeight/Year Built
Culture School302ft/1999
W.E.B. Du Bois Library297ft/1974
Tour Jussieu295ft/1971
TU Delft faculteit EWI295ft/1965
Green Building295ft/1969
Semmelweiss Medical University289ft/1976
1440 Canal288ft/1972
South Urals State University282ft/1959
Loyola University Tower275ft/1994
Moos Health Sciences Tower268ft/1974
Education Schools Tower265ft/1964
Fenn Tower265ft/1930
Akademia Ekonomiczna264ft/1991
Victoria University262ft/N/A
State University College of Optometry262ft/1912
Telefunken Haus259ft/1961
City College School of Business & Civic Administration257ft/1930
Erasmus Universiteit Gebouw H256ft/1970

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