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Goodbye and good ____.
Brother, can you spare one ____?
I have a black and white pet _____.
This movie just really _____.
He has a very sexy red pick up ____.
I am not eating that again, it was just totally ____.
Make sure you fold all the ____ in the skirt pattern.
You don't strum the bass, you _____ it.
The chicken just gave me a _____ of surprise.
Oh my, why are you standing in the wet ____.
Do you even know how to weave that ____?
The hockey player hit the _____ into the goal net.
I was driving deep into the mud and the Jeep got ____.
The man was standing in the lightning and got _____.
Wow, that concert had an overwhelming ____.
Those two _____ into the movie theater.
The builder put up the final ____ to finish the grand archway.
Sam was able to imitate the ____ of the partridge.
What is all that brown and orange ____ in the drain?
Man, that Dad of mine is a real _______.
Can you go _______ that corn, please?

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