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Can you name the Top 20 Music Cities in USA?

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FirstJazz, Blues, Rock, Southern Rock, Reggae, Zydeco, Clubs, Cafes, Nightclubs
SecondLive Music, Country, Opry, Venues, Folk, Country Hall of Fame
ThirdLive Music, Country, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie rock, Venues
FourthLabels, Record companies, Agents,Theater, Orchestra, Opera, Dance, Ballet, Clubs, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Nightclubs, Venues
FifthLive Music, Executives, Labels, Theater, Dance, Clubs
SixthRecord companies, Agents, Orchestra, Theater, Dance, Ballet, Inide Rock, Blues, Jazz, House music, Clubs
SeventhRap, Rock, Pop, Record companies, Executives, Producers, venues, Orchestra, Theater, Dance, Ballet
EighthIndie scene, Local Bands, Theater, Orchestra
NinthDJ's, Latin scene, Cuban scene, Dance clubs
TenthRock Hall, Orchestra, Concerts, Theater, Film, Active Indie Scene, Local Bands, Ballet, Dance
EleventhCollege music scene, Orchestra
TwelfthTheater scene, Local clubs
ThirteenthJazz Clubs, Blues Clubs, Orchestra, Theater
FourteenthFolk, Pop, Orchestra
FifteenthHonky Tonks, Orchestra, Opera, Theater
SixteenthJazz clubs and music diversity
SeventeenthIndie Rock scene
EighteenthGrunge, Live Music
NineteenthJazz, Country and Metal scenes
TwentiethCollege Music

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