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Can you name the Three Stooges Shorts with Curly ?

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Year/DirectorShort Subject NameLength/Plot
1934/Archie Gottler21m/Stooges all love the same girl.
1934/Lou Breslow 17m/Stooges try to make Curly a boxer.
1934/Raymond McCarey19m/Stooges try to become real doctors
1934/Raymond McCarey20m/Stooges are mistakenly hired to play football
1935/Clyde Bruckman17m/Stooges try to get girl her deed back
1935/Charles Lamont16 and 1/2m/Stooges are boxers turned knights
1935/Del Lord20m/While hiding from police, Stooges take up art
1935/Del Lord20m/Stooges are undercover agents during Civil War
1935/Del Lord19m/Stooges invent a hard drink
1935/Del Lord19m/Stooges are 'taught' how to act in society
1935/Del Lord17m/While delivering beer, Stooges decide to 'play' golf
1936/Preston Black17 and 1/2m/Stooges are crooked pest exterminators
1936/Del Lord18m/Stooges try to break into the film business
1936/Preston Black19m/After WWI is over, years later they mistakenly sign up again
1936/Preston Black16 and 1/2m/Stooges are 'witnesses' to a murder
1936/Preston Black18m/Stooges disrupt a train of fellow performers
1936/Del Lord 18m/Stooges are dangerously inept firemen
1936/Del Lord17m/Stooges are mistaken for indians
Year/DirectorShort Subject NameLength/Plot
1936/Preston Black17 and 1/2/Stooges inherit a dress shop
1937/Preston Black19m/Stooges are hired as boxing conditioners
1937/Del Lord17 and 1/2m/Stooges try to sell bogus medicine
1937/Del Lord17m/while in jail, the stooges mother asks them to break out and save their father from marrying another woman
1937/Preston Black19 and 1/2m/Stooges are sent to Colonies for crimes
1937/Del Lord17m/Stooges are sent to capture a cattle thief
1937/Del Lord20m/Stooges are sold a phony map to a phony mine
1937/Charles Lamont17m/Stooges try their hand at horse racing
1937/Del Lord17m/Stooges try to 'build' a 'house' for their new brides
1938/Del Lord16 and 1/2/Stooges are hired to extriminate at a fancy house
1938/Del Lord17m/Stooges join the French Foreign Legion
1938/Charley Chase18m/Moe is mistaken for a famous interior designer
1938/Charley Chase15 and 1/2m/Stooges try to thrawt a plot by a crooked salesman
1938/Del Lord16m/Curly wins a radio contest and the boys over spend
1938/Charley Chase18m/Stooges are mistaken for famous professors
1938/Jules White 18m/Stooges are film actors hired becuase they are primitive looking
1938/Charley Chase18m/Stooges are dog groomers who find an 'abandoned' baby

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