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Film Year/DirectorFilm
1927-Fritz Lang
1930-Lewis Milestone
1931-Charlie Chaplin
1932-Edmund Goulding
1933-Merian C. Cooper
1933-Leo McCarey
1934-Frank Capra
1934-W.S. Van Dyke
1935-James Whale
1936-George Stevens
1939-Frank Capra
1939-Victor Fleming
1941-Preston Sturges
1941-Orson Welles
1942-Irving Rapper
1942-Michael Curtiz
1944-Billy Wilder
1944-Vincent Minnelli
1945-John M. Stahl
1946-William Wyler
1947-Jacques Tournuer
1948-Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
1948-Vittorio De Sica
1949-Carol Reed
1949-Raoul Walsh
1949-George Cukor
Film Year/DirectorFilm
1950-Anthony Mann
1950-Billy Wilder
1950-Joseph H. Lewis
1950-Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1952-Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen
1953-William Wyler
1954-Akira Kurosawa
1954-Eila Kazan
1954-Alfred Hitchcock
1956-Don Siegel
1956-John Ford
1959-Billy Wilder
1959-Alfred Hitchcock
1959-William Wyler
1960-Jean-Luc Godard
1962-David Lean
1962-Robert Mulligan
1964-Stanley Kubrick
1967-Arthur Penn
1967-Norman Jewison
1967-Mike Nichols
1968-Sergio Leone
1975-Steven Spielberg
1976-Sylvester Stallone
1977-Woody Allen
1984-Rob Reiner

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