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How many African American mayors has Cleveland had?
What was the name of the major rival of The Plain Delaer until the 1980's?
How many official suburbs does Cleveland have as of 2011?
Where can you find Sentinels holding different vehicles of America's past?
What district in the city grew by almost 2,200 people from 2000 to 2010?
What section of the city is said to be going through a vital rebirth currently?
What important building is being erected next to the Cleveland Public Audtorium?
Why is the year 1836 important to the city? What did the area achieve?
How many theatres are currently listed at Playhouse Square Center on their website?
How long has Cleveland been a Tree City USA Community?
What is the mall/food court in Terminal Tower now called?
How many arenas/stadiums does Cleveland have?
What is the most visited museum in the city?
What team of radio personalities have a show weekday mornings on WMJI 105.7?
What is are the famous call letters of Fox 8 in Cleveland?
Who is the current embattled Cuyahoga County Executive who has locked horns with Columbus politicians?
What famous world renowned musical act proudly calls Cleveland home?
What famous conductor was music director of the above group once?
When did the Cleveland Indians last play in the World Series of Baseball?
When did they last win the World Series?
Where do the Cleveland Cavailers play ball?
Cleveland Public Library has about how many volumes, making the twelfth largest public library in the U.S.?
Cleveland is one of only twelve cities in America to have this special financial institution?
Cleveland is one of only thirteen cities in the U.S. to have this form of transportation?
Cleveland is home to what fast food/fresh sandwich chain?
Cleveland is the main city of what local Supermarket franchise?
This Cleveland restaurant has been reviewed and featured on many food programs on tv and magazines?
This Cleveland church in West Park was recently closed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Cleveland?
If I say in a sentence, referring to a film of the same name, what would you end this sentence with? 'Welcome to _________'
What modern classic christmas film was shot extensively in Cleveland?
What late night host made fun of the Cleveland suburb of Parma in the 1960's?
This street is called the heart of the financial district of Cleveland?
CPP can be seen on Cleveland streets and sidewalks. What does it stand for?
This area of the city is where Moses Cleaveland actually landed in 1796?
This building is the site of many cases of infamousity lately?
This local club is broadcast on radio and television in some cases nation wide, where politics, ideas, civics and problems are discussed in a forum setting?
This area of Cleveland shares its name with that of an area in New York City?
This Cleveland company famously made fun of the Lebron James 'We Are All Witnesses' billboards earlier this year?
What famous Cleveland Indian recently returned to the team, after having hit his record breaking home run?
What Cleveland brewing company is gaining national fame?

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