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1927-Frank Borzage
1925- Cecil B. DeMille
1925-King Vidor
1919-D.W. Griffith
1928-Edward Sedgwick
1928-King Vidor
1926-Clarence Brown
1921-Rex Ingram
1926-Buster Keaton
1924-Erich von Stroheim
1924-Victor Sjostrom
1916-D.W. Griffith
1927-Josef von Sternberg
1921-Charles Chaplin
1927-Cecil B. DeMille
1928-Josef von Sternberg
1928-Paul Fejos
1936-Charles Chaplin
1925-Rupert Julian
1929-Erich von Stroheim
1928-Raoul Walsh
1923-Fred C. Newmeyer
1926-George Fitzmaurice
1926-William Beaudine
1928-Ernst Lubitsch
1927-F.W. Murnau
1924-Raoul Walsh
1927-Tod Browning
1928-Victor Sjostrom
1927-William Wellman

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