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Can you name the Cleveland Mayors of the 20th and 21st Centuries?

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Years in OfficeMayorHonors, Achievements, Etc.
1901–1909probably the greatest mayor of Cleveland ever, lowered fair on city buses, expanded Cleveland Municipal Lighting Company, improved city services
1910–1911resumed conservative fiscal policies, oversaw further down town development
1912–1915founder of major law firm in Cleveland, huge backer of Cleveland College (now CWRU), Secretary of War
1916–1919only man in 20th centruy to be elected to two non consecutive terms as mayor
1920–1921Our first County Executive has the same name
1922–1923Cleaned up city hall during his tenure as mayor by firing 850 city workers
1924-1929Shares his name with a street in Cleveland and the International city airport
1930–1931He was the last member of Cleveland City Council to become mayor until current mayor
1934–1935only man in 20th centruy to be elected to two non consecutive terms as mayor
1936–1940opposed organized crime and as a result he was dubbed 'the Boy Scout Mayor', became a senator
Years in OfficeMayorHonors, Achievements, Etc.
1942–1945the Cleveland Ohio State Office Building was named after him
1946-1953The lakefront airport on the Erie is named after him
1954–1961The Federal Building on East 9th was named after him, son is a lawyer and judge in Cleveland, was a Ohio Supreme Court Justice
1968–1971was law director under former mayor, served during Hough Riots
1968-1977First Black mayor of a major US city, Has a Cleveland street named after him, the 2002 Federal CourtHouse Tower is also named after him
1972–1977Has a plaza downtown named after him
1977–1979Ohio Congressman, very disliked mayor, called the 'Boy Wonder', when elected in 1977
1980–1989major reform mayor of Cleveland, credited with helping usher in the reinvestment in the city, former governor of Ohio, has a park in Cleveland named after him
1990–2001credited with spearheading the Gateway District and resurgance of downtown development
January 7, 2002 – January 2, 2006only woman mayor of Cleveland
January 2, 2006–Presenthis legacy is shaping up to be the greatest mayor since the last mayors name who also starts with J

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