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Can you name the Buildings and Structures in Washington, DC?

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FactBuilding/Structure NameYear Built/Finished
555 1/2 feet tall1884
House of Congressofficially 1962
Home of Highest court in United States1935
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue1942 when East Wing was added
Located on the Potomac River 1838
To Honor 16th U. S. President1914
The Wall has to triangular dips1982
Located at Wisconsin and Massachusetts AvenuesFinished 1990
3.1 million square feet1998
Constructed of red Seneca sandstone 1855
Home to largest theatre complex in United States1971
A five sided building that is home to America's best soldiers1943
624 acres1802
Includes the famous dog Fala1997
Honors the Nation's 26th President1932
15,000,000 visitors 1993
Important American Founder1990
2,029 feet long1922
Located at Georgetown University1879
315 feet high1899
Used as a homeless shelter until 20081865
Declared a National Historic Landmark in 19711839
Houses the currency excutors of United States1842
Where the 16th President was assassinated1833
Honors a very influential black writer/activist/orator1877
Former home of Washington Nationals 1961
Current home of Washington baseball team2008
Broken into the 1970's by members of the RNC1971
It is located at 451 Indiana Avenue1820
Part of the Complex of the Library of Congress1976
Office of the Vice President, the Office of Management and Budget are housed here1871
Houses among many others Office of the Attorney General1935
Department of Commerce's home1932
Headquarters of the F.B.I.1975
Department of the Interior is located here1917
Houses administrative offices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture1908
Home to Nation's special collections1935
Home to the Nation's Art collection1978
Home to the country's media history2008
Home of the country's flight accomplishments1976
Holds the original Star Spangled Banner1964
Plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, and human cultural artifacts are housed here1910
Dedicated to Architecture of this country1887
Houses archives of the Native Americans2004

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