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1938-Marcel CarneOsso
1941-John HustonWarner Bros.
1944-Billy WilderParamount
1944-Edward DmytrykRKO
1946-Howard HawksWarner Bros.
1947-Robert MontgomeryUniversal
1947-Robert RossenUnited Artists
1947-Jacques TourneurRKO
1947-Orson WellesColumbia
1947-Anthony MannEagle
1948-Fred ZinnemanMGM
1948-Abraham PolonskyMGM
1948-Anthony MannEagle
1949-Robert WiseRKO
1949-Carol ReedLondon
1950-Jules Dassin20th Century Fox
1950-John HustonMGM
1951-Nicholas RayRKO
1951-Joseph LoseyUnited Artists
1953-Fritz LangColumbia
1955-Robert AldrichUnited Artists
1955-Jules DassinPathe
1955-Joseph H. LewisAllied Artists
1957-Alexander MackendrickUnited Artists
1959-Robert WiseUnited Artists

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