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1923-Fred Newmeyer
1925-Charles Chaplin
1926-Buster Keaton
1933-Leo McCarey
1934-Frank Capra
1935-Sam Wood
1936-Gregory La Cava
1937-Leo McCarey
1938-Howard Hawks
1940-Howard Hawks
1940-Alfred J. Goulding
1940-Edward Cline
1942-Ernst Lubitsch
1942-David Butler
1944-Preston Sturges
1955-Alexander Mackendrick
1958-Mario Monicelli
1959-Billy Wilder
1960-Billy Wilder
1964-Stanley Kubrick
1964-Blake Edwards
1967-Mel Brooks
1970-Robert Altman
1973-Woody Allen
1974-Mel Brooks
1974-Mel Brooks
1975-Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
1975-Herbert Ross
1977-Woody Allen
1978-John Landis
1978-Warren Beatty, Buck Henry
1979-Arthur Hiller
1979-Carl Reiner
1980-Jim Abrahams, Zucker Bros
1980-Harold Ramis
1980-Howard Zieff
1982-Richard Benjamin
1983-John Landis
1983-Harold Ramis
1984-Rob Reiner
1988-Charles Crichton
1993-Harold Ramis
1997-Jay Roach
1998-Coen Brothers
1998-Farrelly Brothers
1998-Wes Anderson
2000-Christopher Guest
2001-Ben Stiller
2005-David Dobkin
2005-Judd Apatow

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