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Kid who causes problems on Halloween
Name of Ron's two ex-wives
Tom's club
Name of annoying possum on golf course
The women of the year
Person who actually shot Ron on hunting trip
Name of the untalented Ms. Pawnee
Country of Pawnee's sister city
Ron dresses like this person, the morning after sex
Tom's ex- green card wife/ Ron's ex-girlfriend
CEO of Sweetums
Basketball player who appears on telethon
Strip club that Tom liked then hated
Name of head of Park Security
Leslie finds this illegal substance in the community garden
Record for number of meetings in one day
Character in Parks and Rec who also appeared on the Office
Guitarist for Mouse Rat
Tom's ex-girlfriend that was a bartender
Andy was living is this, now it's a park
Basketball symbol of Indiana (do not play for Pacers)
First festival that Leslie tried to throw after the government shutdown
Jerry has a timeshare in this location
Name of the one of the two coaches that coached the new basketball league
The gay bar in Pawnee
One of the SNL comedians that have appeared on the show as guest
Anne Perkin's third boyfriend on the show
Worker for Norton Construction
Ron and Leslie's favorite meal of the day
Ron's ex-wife works in this branch of government
Donna did not invest in the Snakehole because of this guy
Leslie slogan for the telethon (in quotes)

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