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Toby's temporary home (absence from Dunder Miflin)
Michael's favorite restaurant
Angela's favorite song
Dwight's hobby
Andy's college
Kevin's favorite movie
Stanley's Dunder Miflin branch of interest
Jim's new job
Todd Packer's crime
Pam's old love
Phyliss' old classmate
Creed's Business
Jan's baby's name
Holly's old/current Dunder Miflin Branch
Pam's first date with Roy
Darryl's girlfriend from sales
Ryan's reason for departure
Kelly's dream
Charles Minor's origin in business
David Wallace's position
Head of Human Resources
Japanese restaurant Michael and Andy went to
Josh's branch
Andy's whereabouts for 5 weeks
Last remaining member of Stamford branch
Client that got 5 golden tickets
Jim's high school
Katy's job
Karen's promotion spot
Backup receptionist (excluding Ryan, Ronie, Pam, and Erin)
Meredith's problem
Michael's first vacation country outside America
Business in same business park as Dunder Miflin
Person that started the fire
Jim's nickname according to Andy
Angela's secret boyfriend
Dwight's middle name
Michael's ninth date with Carol
Phyliss' husband
Toby's dream before Dunder Miflin
Steve Carrel, Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, and John Krasinki are all from this state
International Business Trip Destination
Oscar's sexual preference
Oscar's family origins
Creed's point of working
Michael's favorite baseball team
Jim brother's locations
Kevin finacee's name
Kevin's new love
Stanley's favorite day

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