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Where you can find the Great Wall.
A small country whose flag is blue and red with a crown.
Capital City is Riyadh
Patron Saint is Saint Patrick
Capital City is Kingston
Famous for its chocolate
Largest Country
Starts with an 'F' and Its 3rd Letter is a 'J' The rest of the letters are vowels.
Capital City is Reykjavik
Flag colours are Black, Blue and white
The country is shaped like a boot
Former Yugoslavian Country, Capital City is Sarajevo
Flag is similar looking to Bahrain's
Capital City is Santiago
Madrid is the capital city
Where you can find Mt Fuji
Has a plain green flag
Home of the Pope
A country in the Caribbean whose flag is blue, white, black and yellow.
Main language is Hebrew
Hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Capital City is Berlin
Where you can find Koalas
Capital City is Stockholm
Current Queen is Elizabeth II
Home of the Sphinx
Borders Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile
Home to the Mona Lisa
Borders Lithuania,Russia, Estonia and Belarus
Capital city is Brasilia
They speak Tagalog here
A country in Oceania whose flag is a bird flying over the sea
Famous for Burritos and Tacos
Capital is Kuala Lumpur
Capital City is Podgorica
National Bird is the Bald Eagle
Capital City is Minsk
Capital City is Copenhagen
Hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics
European country than rhymes with Romania

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