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Forced Order
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Does phone guy mention hiding in the locker behind you, in night 1?
Which camera is the main one that you should always be watching?
What does the left lever do?
What does the right lever do?
True or False. Does Lockjaw kill you right away if he manages to get away without being blown by the steam?
Who do you play as in all the end night minigames?
What happened to Lockjaw, ala at the end of Return to Freddy's 3?
Is it possible for the later night animatronics to be active on Night 1?
How do you ward off Bonnie?
How do you ward off Freddy?
How do you ward off Golden Lockjaw?
Can Golden Freddy kill you?
Can you only charge the lever when the monitor is on?
What is the Extras menu called?
What happens when you reach the end of Night 6?
True or False. If you are not wearing the locker when Kitty Fazcat comes in, she doesn't give you time to put the locker on
Which animatronic has a glitch that can freeze all the processes in the night, and if you wait the night out, can be used as a cheat or helpful bug?
Which animatronic comes from the left hatch door?
Who does BFP love with all his heart?
How much exactly are you paid at the end of the week?

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