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beginning chapter of Wheatley's betrayal of you.
it is a action that makes you hit the floor 
first chapter, chapter of introduction
remeber when Wheatly used your surroundings as a battering ram? 
the continuing of the chapter in 1)
the chapter in underground Aperture Labtories where you are with Glados again but she is called potatoes.  
the last chapter
final showdown occurs in this chapter as Wheatley is trying to kill you 
chapter where Glados is awake again
sounds mean the chapter name, has a word in it that you say when your freezing 
chapter before the final chapter
it has a word in it which you say when you cant resist scratching your skin 
the chapter where you are outside the boundary of Aperture Labtories
when you run away from someone, described in another word 
the chapter where Wheatley sees you again and the first chapter to introduce the faith plates
im back 
chapter where Glados makes up for chell's birthday
you are it when you don't something happened in glee 
name the first world in coop
bonus question 
2nd world
bonus question 
3rd world
bonus question 
4th world
bonus question 
5th world
bonus question 
epilogue/6th world
bonus question 
name the blue robot in coop
bonus question 
name the orange robot in coop
bonus question 

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