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Forced Order
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In the FNaF 2 trailer, there are some humans singing, what age span are they?
According to the fans, what is the new animatronics name that is appearing in FNaF 3?
In FNaF, there was a hidden stat, in the files of the game. What is it called?
There also was another stat in the first. What is it called?
Besides, Foxy, who else, in theory,was able to cause/caused the bite of 1987?
In almost every tablet port of the games, what is the major difference?
True or False? Shadow Freddy appears in front of the Parts/Service room camera?
(with comma's) Name all the animatronics at the same time that appear in the Right vent. (Right: -->)
(with comma's) Name all the animatronics at the same time that appear in the Left Vent.
How do you get the rare eyeless Freddy screen?
How do you get the rare eyeless Foxy screen?
How do you get the rare eyeless Toy Bonnie screen?
Are there other eyeless screens? Yes or No?
What is the most hated animatronic?
Before FNaF 2 was released, what did the toys go by which name?
Before FNaF was released on Steam, where was it purchasable at first?
Following the previous question, what is Scott's old name, which still is on the platform in the previous question?
In the special Demo Ext, version, how many nights are playable?
True or False. Foxy is able to come out before the ambiance alarm.
True or False. The ambiance alarm can stop for a while, after it already happened.
What challenge pits you against Mangle on 20, Balloon Boy on 20, and Golden Freddy on 10?
What challenge pits you against Bonnie on 20, Toy Bonnie on 20, and Foxy on 5?
Who is Phone Guy's Favorite animatronic?
Which one scares Phone Guy?
True or False. In FNaF 2, Golden Freddy appears on night 3.
True or False. Golden Freddy is in a worse state then he was in FNaF.
True or False. Balloon Boy is able to also say 'Heya', at times?
How much does FNaF cost nowdays?
Yes or No. Are you ready for Freddy?
Name the ghost of Freddy in FNaF 3.
Name the ghost of Chica.
Name the ghost of Foxy.
Is there a ghost of Bonnie? Yes or No?

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