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Who was the wise and noble statesman that led Athens during its golden age?
How many goals did Pericles have?
What did Pericles want to strengthen?
Form of government in which citizens rule directly, without representatives.
What did Athens help organize?
What was one of architecture's noblest works?
What is the value of harmony, order, balance and proportion known as?
Serious drama about love, hate, war or betrayal
The name of a humerous drama.
What is the name of the war between Athens and Sparta?
During the Peleponnesian War, a plague swept through which city?
The plague killed which famous leader?
After a temporary standstill, who sent a huge fleet of 20,000 soldiers to Sicily?
Name of thinkers, or 'lovers or wisdom'
Name of a famous critic.
A student of Socrates.
What famous work did Pluto write?
Name of a philosopher who questioned the nature of the world and human belief.
Who was one of Aristotle's most famous pupils?
Where was the pupil of Aristotle called back to by his father?

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