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How long did the Mycenaeans fight against Troy?
What was the name of the war that the Mycenaeans and the Trojans fought in?
After the Trojan War, what collapsed?
What were the new people called?
Who was the greatest storyteller?
What were narrative poems celebrating heroic deeds called?
Traditional stories about gods.
A city-state.
A fortified hilltop.
What is it called when one person rules in a government?
Which type of government is ruled by a small group of noble, landowning families?
A government ruled by a few powerful people.
Rule by the people.
Who was the first nobleman that came to power in order to start Democracy?
Of the wealthy families, who received formal education?
Which city was more focused on military training?
Which city was more focused on art and literature?
Who did the Messenians become?
What became the most powerful fighting force?
What was the name of the war between Greece and the Persian Empire?

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