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The rules for the proposed multi-word abbreviations (which now include oceans and seas) are very simple: use the first letter of each word in the common Sporcle name of the country to compose the acronym. Omit insignificant words: "and", "of", and "the". There are eleven exceptions to this rule: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvaldor, Equatorial Guinea, Marshall Islands, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone, and Sri Lanka. For these exceptions the abbreviation is merely the first word of the multi-word country name: Bosnia, Costa, Czech, Dominican, El, Equatorial, Marshall, Saudi, Solomon, Sierra, and Sri. These exceptions, which are necessary to eliminate conflicts with other abbreviations, are noted in the quiz by an asterisk. I was unable to come up with an acceptable abbreviation for South Africa or St Lucia. Abbreviate with Confidence™ All of my quizzes use both the commonly accepted Sporcle country name alternatives and the multi-word abbreviations ( The Border Country Biathlon and Border Country Marathon are good ones to look at to see how these abbreviations work in practice:
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Commonly Accepted or ProposedAbbre-viationFor This Country
AcronymAntigua and Barbuda
AcronymBurkina Faso
AcronymCape Verde
AcronymCentral African Republic
AcronymCote d'Ivoire
AcronymDemocratic Republic of the Congo
AcronymFederated States of Micronesia
AcronymNew Zealand
AcronymNorth Korea
AcronymPapua New Guinea
AcronymRepublic of the Congo
AcronymSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
AcronymSan Marino
AcronymSao Tome and Principe
AcronymSouth Korea
AcronymSt Kitts and Nevis
AcronymSouthern Sudan
AcronymTrinidad and Tobago
Commonly Accepted or ProposedAbbre-viationFor This Country
AcronymUnited Arab Emirates
AcronymUnited Kingdom
AcronymUnited States
AcronymVatican City
OceansIndian Ocean
OceansNorth Atlantic Ocean
OceansNorth Pacific Ocean
OceansSouth Atlantic Ocean
OceansSouth Pacific Ocean
SeasCaribbean Sea
SeasEast China Sea
SeasMediterranean Sea
SeasPhilippine Sea
SeasSouth China Sea
First WordBosnia and Herzegovina *
First WordCosta Rica *
First WordCzech Republic *
First WordDominican Republic *
First WordEl Salvador *
First WordEquatorial Guinea *
Commonly Accepted or ProposedAbbre-viationFor This Country
First WordMarshall Islands *
First WordSaudi Arabia *
First WordSierra Leone *
First WordSri Lanka *
First WordSolomon Islands *
ACCEPTEDCentral African Republic
ACCEPTEDDemocratic Republic of the Congo
ACCEPTEDCôte d'Ivoire
ACCEPTEDFederated States of Micronesia
ACCEPTEDRepublic of the Congo
ACCEPTEDSaint Kitts and Nevis
ACCEPTEDSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
ACCEPTEDUnited Arab Emirates
ACCEPTEDUnited Kingdom
ACCEPTEDUnited States
ACCEPTEDVatican City

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