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Arrangement of words.
Initial presentation of background information.
Final resolution of a plot.
Narrator who evaluates characters and expresses opinion.
Literal meaning corresponds w/ symbolic meaning.
Unrhymed iambic pentameter (same flow as speech).
A part of an entity used to describe the whole. (my wheel->my car)
Serious lyric poem that is usually long, and uses a metrical structure.
Direct address to an absent or dead person, object, quality, or idea.
A character who highlights the personality of an opposing character.
Short speech audible to audience but not to other characters.
Moment of recognition or discovery.
Sudden/powerful realization.
Excessive pride.
Novel which refers to the process of writing the novel.
Intentional understatement .
Emotional release.
Revealed over time to be an untrustworthy source of information.
Narrator who says that the narration is fiction.
Choice of words.
Tragic flaw.
Understatement (often used with Meiosis).
Brooding/mysterious setting and plot in a novel.
Conscious exaggeration.
A boy who kills his father in order to marry his mother has this complex.
Substitution of one term for another that is generally associated with it. (suits->buisnessmen)
Reoccurring idea, feeling, etc. that informs a major theme.
Reference w/in literature to historical or literary person, place, or event.
Narrator's attitude.
A speech by a lone character.

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