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Can you name the cast of Game of Thrones named in the title sequences?

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CharacterActorNumber of Times in Titles
Robert Baratheon7 Episodes
Theon Greyjoy43 Episodes
Ned Stark10 Episodes
Samwell Tarly38 Episodes
Talisa Maegyr6 Episodes
Tommen Baratheon11 Episodes
Brienne of Tarth23 Episodes
Daenerys Targaryen56 Episodes
Jeor Mormont7 Episodes
Jaime Lannister49 Episodes
Davos Seaworth36 Episodes
Tywin Lannister23 Episodes
Gendry10 Episodes
Stannis Baratheon24 Episodes
Tyrion Lannister61 Episodes
Margaery Tyrell26 Episodes
Missandei19 Episodes
Catelyn Stark25 Episodes
Bronn28 Episodes
Petyr Baelish41 Episodes
Joffrey Baratheon26 Episodes
CharacterActorNumber of Times in Titles
Jorah Mormont48 Episodes
Jon Snow56 Episodes
Cersei Lannister58 Episodes
Bran Stark35 Episodes
Varys34 Episodes
Tormund Giantsbane21 Episodes
Daario Naharis13 Episodes
Shae18 Episodes
Ygritte13 Episodes
Viserys Targaryen5 Episodes
Robb Stark21 Episodes
Sandor Clegane33 Episodes
Roose Bolton6 Episodes
Gilly15 Episodes
High Sparrow7 Episodes
Ramsay Bolton14 Episodes
Sansa Stark54 Episodes
Melisandre28 Episodes
Ellaria Sand9 Episodes
Arya Stark53 Episodes
Jaqen H'ghar11 Episodes

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