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How many years was Taft in office??
Lost re-election in 1912. 
Who succeeded Taft??
Who supported Taft in the election of 1908??
What party did Taft run under for his election in 1908??
What item in the white house needed to be enlarged for taft??
Which number president was Taft??
What is the name of my democrat counterpart in the election of 1908??
What's the policy created by taft to encourage Americans to invest in foreign countries??
Which amendment did Taft pass??
True or False? Taft is the only president to serve in both head of executive branch and legislative?
Which countries revolution happened during Taft's presidency??
Which popular black civil rights activist did Taft support??
Which two large companies did Taft go against??
Taft fought for lowering rates of which mass transit system??
True or False? Taft has the greatest moustache of all time.?

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