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Name all of the bears kids
What is the oldest bear child's nickname
How much older is the oldest from the middle bear child
in what book was the middle bear child introduces? What year?
What book was oldest bear child introduced? What year?
What is oldest child's favorite sport?
How old is Brother in the show?
When is Brother's birth of date
How old is sister?
What did sister teacher say. How old she was
What is Sister vary good at?
What does Sister hates?
What is Sister's date of birth?
When(date) Was honey Bear born?
How old was Honey
When (date) is Papa Bear born?
What is Papa Bear?
What does Papa loves?
How old is too-tall
Name all Too-Tall's family member (ex honey sister)
When was Too-Tall first introduces and year?
How much taller is Too-Tall than the rest of the kids in school?
What did Too-Tall do in Birds bees and Bernstein bears book?
Who is almost like Too-Tall
When was Mama Bear born?
What is Mama?
Name the other 3 members of Too-Tall's gang?
Who is the silly one in Too-tall's gang
Other members sometimes in Too-Tall's gang?
Who is Sister's best friend
How old is Lizzy
Name Lizzy family?
First appearance
Lizzy's last appearance?

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