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details and or 1 episode about themcharacter child or an adult
kid with 2 siblings and both parents still together
She has 1 brother away at college
3rd grade teachers first name
Sometimes mean and sometimes nice. In a gang with 2 other kids. Picks on the kids a lot
Best friend of kid Number 1
Loved Mary Moo Cow
Wear a red sweater.
Number 1's mother
He owns a puppet
Arthur made fun of her and made her feel bad
details and or 1 episode about themcharacter child or an adult
He knows alot. He is smart
Youngest read child
Writes poems
Twins name both
D.W. Best friend early seasons
D.W.s best friend late seasons
Muffy's friend
Arthur's friend neighbor
Muffy's brother
best friends of Arthur bud's sister

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