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Can you name the Early 80's American Hardcore Bands?

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RecordBandYear Released
Legless Bull1981
Rock For Light1983
I.Q. 321981
Dance With Me1981
Teaching You The Fear1981
Deep Wound1983
I Don't Want To Die In Your War1982
Walk Among Us1982
Right Is Right1986
God Is Dead1981
Negative FX1984
Oxnard - Land Of No Toilets1983
Crippled Children Suck1982
Welcome To Reality1981
Corpse In Disguise1984
Owen Marshmallow Strikes Again!1984
Let's Barbeque1983
Paranoid Time1980
Pagan Icons1981
The Age Of Quarrel1986
Land Speed Record1982
Group Sex1980
Tied Down1983
Out Of Vogue1978
What We Want Is Free1982
The Kids Will Have Their Say1982
Roach And Roll1981
Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables1980
Suicidal Tendencies1983
No Problem1981
United Blood1983
RecordBandYear Released
Condensed Flesh1981
Eye For An Eye1984
Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash1981
An Adjustment To Society1983
Hate The Police1980
Still Screaming1982
American Wino1982
Living In Darkness1981
Born Innocent1982
Vicious Circle1982
Hardcore 811981
Reagan's In1981
Frat Cars1980
Thou Shalt Not Kill1983
Violent Pacification1982
Mommy's Little Monster1983
No Policy1981
How Could Hell Be Any Worse?1982
In A Car1981
Don't Be Mistaken1983
Is This My World?1983
Sound And Fury1982
Back From Samoa1982
Youth Anthems For The New Order1984
Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?1984
In My Eyes1981
Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac1984
Peace Thru Vandalism1982
Ancient Artifacts1985
RecordBandYear Released
Subject To Change1983
Screaming For Change1985
Skins, Brains & Guts1982
Second Coming1984
After Death1982
Haunted Town1981
Skinhead Glory1982
Big Deal1982
Kill For Christ1982
Millions Of Dead Cops1982
Record Collectors Are Pretentious ****1984
I Am The Establishment1982
Milo Goes To College1982
Throb Throb1985
Incorrect Thoughts1980
Guilty Face1982
We're An American Band1982
Because This ****' World Stinks1981
Patterns Of Force1983
Drunk And Disorderly1986
Blatant Localism1981
Fear Of Life1982
Justice For No One1983
Cows And Beers1982
Minor Disturbances1980
The Sound Of No Hands Clapping1983
The Record1982
Is This Real?1980
Nine Toes Later1982
Bong Blast1983

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