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Can you name the Famous guest actors of FRIENDS?

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CharacterActorCharacter Description
Jack GellerRoss and Monicas father
DavidPhoebe's scientist boyfriend
MindyRachels maid of honor whom slept with her fiance
BenRoss' son
RichardMonicas older boyfriend for many episodes
Sandra GreenRachels mother
ErikaJoey's stalker, thought he was actually Dr Drake Ramore
Pete BeckerBillionaire, tried to become the ultimate fighting champion
JanineJoey's roommate for a lot of season 6
JillRachels sister, tries to get with Ross
Paul StevensThe father of Elizabeth, the student whom Ross dates
EddieChandlers crazy roommate after Joey moves out
MonaRoss' season 8 girlfriend, they first danced at Monica and chandlers wedding
EricUrsula's fiance, broke up with her and tried to date Phoebe
CharacterActorCharacter Description
Ursula's stalker
ParkerPhoebe's boyfriend for 2 episodes in season 8, acted really excited about everything that happened
Mike HanniganThe man Phoebe marries in season 10
AmyRachels 2nd sister
SteveChandlers boss when he gets into advertising
SandyEmma's male nanny
EricaThe woman that carries Monica and Chandlers baby
Missy GoldbergRoss and Chandler had a pact not to date her
Benjamin HobardCharlie's ex boyfriend, won a nobel prize for science
AmandaMonica and Phoebe's annoying friend, they tried to shut her out
Phoebe's male stripper
BonnieRoss' bald girlfriend
CharlieWoman whom Ross and Joey both dated

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