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Character NamesActorcharacter movies
Barbara Maitland, Muriel Pritchett, Julia Mann
Beth Macintyre,Babe Bennett, Abigail Williams
Dr. Ben Sobel,Mitch Robbins, Danny Costanzo
Nicholas Van Orton, Dan Gallagher, Nick Conklin
Sean Maguire, Joey O'Brien, Seymour Parrish
Doug Chesnic, Dr. Stanley Goodspeed, Rick Santoro
Ray Martinez, Michael Green, Terry Benedict
Lewis Rothschild, Jamie Conway,Michael Chapman
Jack Cates, Jerry Baskin, Phillip Elliott
Jordon O'Neill, Diane Murphy, Abby Quinn
Character NamesActorcharacter movies
Frank Lucas,Joe Miller, Zachary Garber
Albert Einstein, Max Goldman, Lt. Zachary Garber
Annie Reed, Kathleen Kelly, Karen Walden
Carl Denham, Dewey Finn, Lance Brumder
Samantha Barzel, Liz Gilbert, Julianne Potter
Griffin Mill, Norville Barnes, Dave Boyle
Jenny Johnson, Edie Athens, Mia Wallace
Terry Dolittle, Valerie Owens RN, Celie Johnson
Ed Wilson(Mallory's Dad), Chester Lee, Thornton Melon
Tommy Devito, Nicky Santoro, Simon Wilder

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