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Can you name the Planets and celestial objects based on facts about them?

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InfoObjectObject type
Furthest known natural satellite orbiting the sunDwarf planet
An asteroid less than 10m in diameter is classified as thisOther
The smallest of the gas giantsPlanet
The planet that still hasn't made a full orbit around the sun since its discoveryDwarf Planet
Closest known satellite orbiting the sunPlanet
Could have harboured life at one pointPlanet
First planet ever seen through a telescopePlanet
Best mapped planetPlanet
Named after the Greek goddess of rainbowsDwarf Planet
Thinnest atmoshpherePlanet
Has the most eccentric orbit around sunOther
The flattest planetPlanet
Has the shortest dayPlanet
InfoObjectObject type
Only planet not named after a mythological godPlanet
Named after the roman god of weatherPlanet
The first object to be considered an asteroidDwarf Planet
Planet is famous for its ringsPlanet
Hottest surface TemperaturePlanet
Trillions of dollars can be made out of mining theseOther
Has a moon about the same size as itPlanet
Only known planet that harbours lifePlanet
Accounts for %99.86 of the Solar System's massOther
Only planet named after a Greek immortalPlanet
Has a storm raging 3 times the size of EarthPlanet
Brightest object in the night skyOther
2nd Brightest object in the night skyPlanet

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