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Liam Neeson Ralph Fiennes Ben Kingsley
Sam Neill Laura Dern Jeff Goldblum Samuel L. Jackson
Jason London Matthew McConaughey Milla Jovovich Ben Affleck
Bill Murray Andie MacDowell Chris Elliot
Johnny Depp Leonardo DiCaprio Juliette Lewis
Cary Elwes Richard Lewis Roger Rees
Tom Hanks Denzel Washington Roberta Maxwell
Sean Astin Jon Favreau Ned Beatty
Warwick Davis Jennifer Aniston Ken Olandt
Mike Myers Dana Carvey Christopher Walken
Aidan Quinn Johnny Depp Mary Stuart Masterson Julianne Moore
Leon Doug E. Doug Rawle D. Lewis John Candy
Dan Aykroyd Jane Curtin Michelle Burke Chris Farley
Harrison Ford Tommy Lee Jones Sela Ward
Charlie Sheen Kiefer Sutherland Chris O'Donnell Oliver Platt
Holly Hunter Harvey Keitel Anna Paquin Sam Neill
Kenneth Branagh Emma Thompson Robert Sean Leonard
Tom Hanks Meg Ryan Ross Malinger
Anjelica Huston Raul Julia Christina Ricci Christopher Lloyd
Christian Slater Patricia Arquette Dennis Hopper
Danny Elfman Catherine O'Hara Chris Sarandon
Bette Midler Sarah Jessica Parker Kathy Najimy
Robin Williams Sally Field Pierce Brosnan

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