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Can you name the MtG Legends with more than one creature card dedicated to them (A - L)? (last update March 16th 2021)

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First appearance - Other Appearance(s)Name
Commander 2016 - Zendikar Rising
Legions - Planar Chaos, Commander Legends
Khans of Tarkir - Dragon of Tarkir
Theros - Theros Beyond Death
Worldwake - Zendikar Rising Commander
Legends - Magic 2019
Lorwyn - Eventide
Fate Reforged - Dragons of Tarkir
Journey into Nyx - Theros Beyond Death
Gatecrash - Guilds of Ravnica
Avacyn Restored - Magic 2015, Shadows Over Innistrad
Torment - Judgement
Urza's Saga - Magic 2021
Amonkhet - War of the Spark
Guildpact - Gatecrash
Odyssey - Planar Chaos
Avacyn Restored - Eldritch Moon
Torment - Commander 2019
Legends - Magic 2019
Stronghold - Planar Chaos
Invasion - Dominaria
Theros - Commander 2015, Theros Beyond Death
Rise of the Eldrazi - Battle for Zendikar, Zendikar Rising
Fate Reforged - Dragons of Tarkir
Dragon's Maze - Guilds of Ravnica
Rise of the Eldrazi - Eldritch Moon
Theros - Theros Beyond Death
Exodus - Planeshift
Scars of Mirrodin - Commander 2015
Commander 2014 - Eldritch Moon
Apocalypse - Commander 2019
Commander 2014 - Eldritch Moon
Avacyn Restored - Eldritch Moon
Mirrodin - Mirrodin Besieged
Conspiracy - Conspiracy: Take the Crown
Tempest - Commander 2019
Theros - Theros Beyond Death
Champions of Kmigawa (twice) - Saviors of Kamigawa
Dissension - Return to Ravnica
Legends - Planar Chaos
Future Sight - Dominaria
Prophecy/Time Spiral Timeshifted - Magic 2021
Commander 2011 - Magic 2020
Time Spiral - Magic 2021
Zendikar - Oath of the Gatewatch
Odyssey - Onslaught, Commander Legends
Invasion - Commander Legends
Amonkhet - War of the Spark
Fate Reforged - Dragons of Tarkir
Rise of the Eldrazi - Oath of the Gatewatch
Magic 2013 - War of the Spark
Dragon's Maze - Ravnica Allegiance
Gatecrash - Guilds of Ravnica
Rise of the Eldrazi - Oath of the Gatewatch, Zendikar Rising

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