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Forced Order
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AnagramSongNumber of words (album)
Hobo yelled go2 (Single)
Ex says die2 (The Beatles)
A dynamo land2 (Single)
He dent2 (Abbey Road)
A tardy hammer3 (The Beatles)
Bald brick1 (The Beatles)
Tardy eyes1 (Help!)
A hooting man4 (Please Please Me)
Valley Riot2 (Sgt. Pepper)
Lawsuit harem4 (Magical Mystery Tour)
AnagramSongNumber of words (album)
Belt tie3 (Let It Be)
Pie gigs1 (The Beatles)
Ultra tan clay2 (Help!)
Grumbled no less2 (Abbey Road)
Dough belly2 (Yellow Submarine)
I fly mine3 (Rubber Soul)
Doting hog2 (The Beatles)
Unruly roof fire4 (Rubber Soul)
To hotel wrangle3 (Yellow Submarine)
Charity grew that3 (Abbey Road)

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