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helped group get to Alexandriafirst name
gave Rick a haircutfull name
blonde killed by governor/walker Miltonfirst name
was with her sister & niece when found, likes fistbumpsfull name
crossbow badassfull name
has one hand, thanks to Rickfull name
stylish female survivor on her way to Washingtonfull name
red-head with fuzzy mustachefull name
leader of Terminusfirst name
leader of Woodburynickname
Judith's blonde baby sitterfull name
decapitated by the governorfull name
wife of Glennfull name
wears sherrif's hat throughout seriesfull name
died during child birthfull name
main characterfull name
youngest character in the showfull name
father figure to Andrea & Amyfull name
first person to help Rick outfull name
katana-wielding survivorfirst name
short-haired badass, lost daughter & husbandfull name
claims to have curefull name
sister of Tyreesefirst name
unexperienced pastor who tags along with groupfull name
leg got eaten by terminusfull name
hallucinated past characters during his slow deathfirst name
Rick's best friend who he had to killfull name
died saving Carolnickname
Tyreese's love interestfirst name
Otis's wifefirst name
worked for the governorfull name
Beth's only friend in the hospitalfirst name
bit and left on a tree to die in peacefirst name
killed little sister, had a mental problemfull name
Carol's daughterfull name
talkative prisoner with mustachefirst name
prisoner killed by Andreafirst name
Andrea's sisterfirst name
killed by older sisterfull name
female who stayed in CDCfirst name
leader of Alexandriafull name
Jessie's husbandfull name
Deanna's husbandfull name
throat got bit out by Rickfirst name
Carol's husbandfull name
caused Noah's deathfirst name
shot in the foot by Shane, shot Carlfirst name
died of a severe cold, Carl's friendfirst name
Tara's niecefull name
Tara's sisterfull name
guy who met Rick & Carol, died at Terminusfirst name
leader of a facility that takes care of pets and the elderlyfirst name
girl who met Rick & Carol, leg got cut offfirst name
took over group after Governor went crazyfull name
Morgan's sonfull name
person in Joe's group who Rick killed in bathroomfirst name
Gareth's brotherfirst name
woman on the grill at Terminusfirst name
officer who killed Bethfirst name
asian who saved Rickfull name

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