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'If you hurt her, I will break your scones.'3
'She's blind, she cant hear us.'2
'I think Ali is holding all of our brains hostage and we wont be able to sleep until we figure out what happened to her.'2
'Shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets.'2
'Thats a very pretty dress, but you should know that it gives you back fat'2
'You shut Hanna up or I will!'3
'Hope breeds eternal misery.'1
'Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing i've ever done.'2
'Im not really gaga for GaGa1
'I wont stop till I find a coconut.'3
'Its not like we killed a unicorn. We're helping your friend out.'3
'Im fascinated by the nature of evil.'2
'I did everything you asked me to.'2
'Life isn't always romantic. Sometimes its realistic.'2
'You can leave Rosewood, but Rosewood never leaves you.'3
'This year, I plan to go from honor roll, to toilet roll2
'No company is better than bad company.'3
'Im doing this because I love your sister.'1
'Did I run your puppy over or something?'1
'Im back bitches and i know everything.'1

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