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Forced Order
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This character blows up after saying 'Nitroglycerin is extremely temperamental'
Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie find this, proving that Henry Gale (or Benjamin Linus) is actually an Other
In the flash-sidways, conman Sawyer appears as a...
Michael kills these two main characters in order to save Walt
Charlie writes this on his hand before his death, to warn the survivors of danger ahead
We find out that this character has returned as Bejamin Linus' 'man on the boat'
One of the Tailies discover that this man was not on the plane
After weeks, the survivors are shocked to hear that Sun can...
In season one, we were stunned to see that before coming to the island, Locke was in a...
This is who we find in the mysterious hatch
This character is shot and killed by a Tailie mistaking her for an Other
When the Oceanic Six are aboard the helicopter, they turn and see that what has vanished?
Season Four ends with Locke in a coffin, masquerading under this fake name
At the end of Season Five, the Flight 316 survivors find what in their mysterious box, prompting them to question who exactly is in the statue with Jacob and Ben?
In Season Six, Jack changes from being a man of science to a...
We find out that the Season Three finale's glimpses of bearded Jack are actually...
It turns out the Sawyer's own Tom Sawyer is also Locke's...
In the episode The Candidate, this many main characters are killed within five minutes
When Jin, Sawyer, Michael and Walt think they are being resuced after leaving the island, they realize that is not the case when their 'rescuer' says this
The survivors discover that Ethan Rom was not on...
This character watches his daughter die before his eyes
As the survivors bury Nikki and Paulo, it is revealed they are not dead, but...
We discover that in the future off the island, Sayid is working for Benjamin Linus as a...
While Sun is giving birth in the hospital, we think that Jin is rushing to see her. But it turns out his scenes are actually...
When we see Richard Alpert thirty years younger, it becomes apparent that he doesn't...
In the second episode, the survivors discover that these animals are living in the jungle
Off-island, Oceanic Flight 815 is discovered at the bottom...
In Season Two, we find out that this group of people is actually alive
This character shoots her own son
In the series finale, we find out that the flash-sideways actually take place in the...

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