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Can you name the British TV Shows??

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The Turbulent Life of People Living In Albert Square
An Obstacle Course Featuring Water, Mud and Big Red Balls
Explosions, Challenges, Cars and The Stig
Professional Conmen Who Only Con Unruly People
Cop From 2005 Who Is Sent Back To 1973
Cop From 2007 Who Is Sent Back To 1981
Time Travelling Alien Defends Earth
Puppets Make A Mockery Of Famous People
Politically Incorrect Hotel Owner
Clay Models Who Live In Lancashire
Long Running Childrens Show Based On Flag
Small Time Cockney Conmen
People Locked In House, Slowly Get Rid Of All But 1
Big Telethon With Blind Bear
Bald Man Makes Fun Of Weeks TV
Quiz Show Where Interesting Answers Count
Soap Set In Manchester
Amateur Videos Of People Making Idiots Of Themselves
Earths Been Blown Up, But Don't Panic
Alien Busting Team In Cardiff
Unlikely Love Found In Barry and Essex
A Werewolf, Vampire And Ghost Live Together In Bristol
3 Priests Who Live Together On An Islolated Island
The Most Dangerous Place To Live In England
Team Who Battle Prehistoric Animals
The French Resistance Against The German Army
A Group Of Seven British Migrant Construction Workers
Semi-Improvised Comedy About A Normal Family
Englands Main Football Programme
Crime Solving Forsensic Scientists

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