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How well do you know the history of the world of Game of Thrones?

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A 'Red Priest(ess)' worships which god?
A legitimised bastard born to a member of House Selmy will have what surname?
The 'Century of Blood' began with which event?
'Heartsbane' is the ancestral sword of which house?
A statue in the Basilisk Isles made of greasy black stone depicts which animal?
In what City is the Citadel located?
Rhaenys Targaryen rode which Dragon in the conquest?
How many castles of the Nights Watch lay along the wal
The 'Gold Cloaks' are the city watch of which city?
The Valyrian Steel sword 'Dark Sister' was bore by which dragonrider during the conquest?
The home of House Lannister is called what?
The Knight who wields 'Dawn' is known by which title?
The 'Kingsguard' of Renly Bartheon was known by which name?
The 'Sandship' is located in which City?
The large port near Casterly Rock is named what?
The Valyrian Steel sword 'Widow's wail' and 'Oathkeeper' were forged from which other sword?
What City is described as 'By-The-Shadow'?
The song 'The Rains of Castamere' is about the the destruction of which Westerlands House?
How many Knights guard the King?
What flower was presented to Lyanna Stark at this tourney when Prince Rhaegar named her queen of Love and Beauty?
What is the name of the Castle known as the largest in the Seven Kingdoms?
What is the name of the Knight who fought for the honour of Howland Reed at the Grand Tourney at Harrenhal?
What is the name of Tywin Lannister's father?
What is the name of the ancestral sword of House Lannister?
What is the name of the largest castle on The Wall?
What is the name of the slave soldier eunuchs raised and trained in the city of Astapor?
What is the name of the slum district of King's Landing?
What is the name of the man who built the Wall?
What structures lie on the Northeastern border of the Golden Empire of Yi Ti?
Which member of House Targaryen once was a member of the Gold Cloaks?
Which house are the lords of Bear Island?
Name a house which have been the lords of Dragonstone
What is the most western of the castles on the wall?
Which city is guarded by a large statue called the Titan?
Which house are the lords of Driftmark?
Which Targaryen offshoot house eventually went on to form the Golden Company
Who conquered most of Westeros and seated House Targaryen on the Iron Throne?
Which house are the lords of Starfall?
What is the name of the ship of Euron Greyjoy?
What is the first name of the man known as 'Bloodraven'
Tarth is know by which name?
What is the name of the ruling council of the city of Qarth?
'The Others' are know by what other name?
Which partially underground town's brothel is often visited by men dressed in black?
Who will be born amongst Salt and Smoke?
Highgarden is the seat of which house?
'Seastar' is the name often given to which bastard of King Aegon IV?
What structure must be passed to access the Eyrie
What is the name of the Flagship of King Robert Bartheons royal fleet?
What substance burns with a green flame?

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