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QUIZ: Can you name the Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies?

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Can you name the movie described?Movie
Being Sporty and Michael Cera's first film
Saving a ranch with our cute matching outfits
Outsmarting crooks from 'Urugly'
Escaping the Buttkisses and food fights
Escaping a truancy officer and Simple Plan video shoot
Finding a date for our father, a starving artist
Competing for College Scholarships, while not 'spilling the beans'
Can you name the movie described?Movie
A model UN challenge, plus a romantic moment in an airduct
Celebrating sweet sixteen with toast
Celebrating Halloween, and twin-ship
Interning for a fashion company, and making a wish in the Trevi Fountain
Visiting Grandfather and falling in love with boys on scooters
Family vacation to the Bahamas; Underground Antiquity ring discovered

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