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Can you name the teams which finished in the top 5 of each of the following football leagues across Europe?

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1st EPLEngland
2nd EPLEngland
3rd EPLEngland
4th EPLEngland
5th EPLEngland
1st La LigaSpain
2nd La LigaSpain
3rd La LigaSpain
4th La LigaSpain
5th La LigaSpain
1st BundesligaGermany
2nd BundesligaGermany
3rd BundesligaGermany
4th BundesligaGermany
5th BundesligaGermany
1st Serie AItaly
2nd Serie AItaly
3rd Serie AItaly
4th Serie AItaly
5th Serie AItaly
1st Ligue 1France
2nd Ligue 1France
3rd Ligue 1France
4th Ligue 1France
5th Ligue 1France
1st Pro League/Jupiler LeagueBelgium
2nd Pro League/Jupiler LeagueBelgium
3rd Pro League/Jupiler LeagueBelgium
4th Pro League/Jupiler LeagueBelgium
5th Pro League/Jupiler LeagueBelgium
1st PremiershipScotland
2nd PremiershipScotland
3rd PremiershipScotland
4th PremiershipScotland
5th PremiershipScotland
1st EredivisieNetherlands
2nd EredivisieNetherlands
3rd EredivisieNetherlands
4th EredivisieNetherlands
5th EredivisieNetherlands
1st Primeira LigaPortugal
2nd Primeira LigaPortugal
3rd Primeira LigaPortugal
4th Primeira LigaPortugal
5th Primeira LigaPortugal
1st Super LigTurkey
2nd Super LigTurkey
3rd Super LigTurkey
4th Super LigTurkey
5th Super LigTurkey
1st SuperleagueGreece
2nd SuperleagueGreece
3rd SuperleagueGreece
4th SuperleagueGreece
5th SuperleagueGreece
1st Raiffeisen Super LeagueSwitzerland
2nd Raiffeisen Super LeagueSwitzerland
3rd Raiffeisen Super LeagueSwitzerland
4th Raiffeisen Super LeagueSwitzerland
5th Raiffeisen Super LeagueSwitzerland
1st AllsvenskanSweden
2nd AllsvenskanSweden
3rd AllsvenskanSweden
4th AllsvenskanSweden
5th AllsvenskanSweden
1st SuperligaDenmark
2nd SuperligaDenmark
3rd SuperligaDenmark
4th SuperligaDenmark
5th SuperligaDenmark
1st TippeligaenNorway
2nd TippeligaenNorway
3rd TippeligaenNorway
4th TippeligaenNorway
5th TippeligaenNorway
1st VeikkausliigaFinland
2nd VeikkausliigaFinland
3rd VeikkausliigaFinland
4th VeikkausliigaFinland
5th VeikkausliigaFinland
1st Tipico BundesligaAustria
2nd Tipico BundesligaAustria
3rd Tipico BundesligaAustria
4th Tipico BundesligaAustria
5th Tipico BundesligaAustria
1st BH Telecom Premier LeagueBosnia & Herzegovina
2nd BH Telecom Premier LeagueBosnia & Herzegovina
3rd BH Telecom Premier LeagueBosnia & Herzegovina
4th BH Telecom Premier LeagueBosnia & Herzegovina
5th BH Telecom Premier LeagueBosnia & Herzegovina
1st MAXtv Prva Liga Croatia
2nd MAXtv Prva Liga Croatia
3rd MAXtv Prva Liga Croatia
4th MAXtv Prva Liga Croatia
5th MAXtv Prva Liga Croatia
1st Cypriot First DivisionCyprus
2nd Cypriot First DivisionCyprus
3rd Cypriot First DivisionCyprus
4th Cypriot First DivisionCyprus
5th Cypriot First DivisionCyprus
1st Synot LigaCzech Republic
2nd Synot LigaCzech Republic
3rd Synot LigaCzech Republic
4th Synot LigaCzech Republic
5th Synot LigaCzech Republic
1st Premier DivisionIreland
2nd Premier DivisionIreland
3rd Premier DivisionIreland
4th Premier DivisionIreland
5th Premier DivisionIreland
1st EkstraklasaPoland
2nd EkstraklasaPoland
3rd EkstraklasaPoland
4th EkstraklasaPoland
5th EkstraklasaPoland
1st Liga IRomania
2nd Liga IRomania
3rd Liga IRomania
4th Liga IRomania
5th Liga IRomania
1st Russian Premier LeagueRussia
2nd Russian Premier LeagueRussia
3rd Russian Premier LeagueRussia
4th Russian Premier LeagueRussia
5th Russian Premier LeagueRussia
1st Serbian SuperLigaSerbia
2nd Serbian SuperLigaSerbia
3rd Serbian SuperLigaSerbia
4th Serbian SuperLigaSerbia
5th Serbian SuperLigaSerbia
1st Fortuna LigaSlovakia
2nd Fortuna LigaSlovakia
3rd Fortuna LigaSlovakia
4th Fortuna LigaSlovakia
5th Fortuna LigaSlovakia
1st Ukrainian Premier LeagueUkraine
2nd Ukrainian Premier LeagueUkraine
3rd Ukrainian Premier LeagueUkraine
4th Ukrainian Premier LeagueUkraine
5th Ukrainian Premier LeagueUkraine
1st Welsh Premier LeagueWales
2nd Welsh Premier LeagueWales
3rd Welsh Premier LeagueWales
4th Welsh Premier LeagueWales
5th Welsh Premier LeagueWales
1st Israeli Premier LeagueIsrael
2nd Israeli Premier LeagueIsrael
3rd Israeli Premier LeagueIsrael
4th Israeli Premier LeagueIsrael
5th Israeli Premier LeagueIsrael

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