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Member that could not attend Gayo Daejun 2013
Why he could not attend Gayo Daejun 2013?
Who replaced him during their performance at Gayo Daejun 2013?
Who fell on the stage during performances at Gayo Daejun 2013
Who called that person who fell on the stages right after their performance at Gayo Daejun 2013?
Who touch himself while sleeping?
'Grapes before girls' Who said this?
In what show/program did he say those words?
Member that should wear strong prescription glasses but did not?
The first one that joined BTS?
Meaning of BANGTAN
Member that cried when signed the contract after hugging his parents?
Member that went to the same academy with BAP's ZELO
V played what instrument before?
Member that hate exercising/work out
Title of song that Suga wrote for 40 minutes
Hidden track in 2COOL4SKOOL
Member that had a hard time wearing contact lenses?
Suga accidentally hurt this member feelings once when suga made fun of his smile
The most clean member
Member that cried on their first broadcast?
Member that wore detective conan outfit during Halloween V app 2015
'It's too dirty, I can't watch it any longer.' To whom did jungkook said this?
Place they went for summer special 2015 shooting?
Member that pair with Jungkook during blanket kick performance while suga rapping?
Member that kick the blanket until Jhope's hat fell in their dance practice video
V could not stop giggling in this what SONG for their dance practice video.
'Hakuna Matata' by
Member that slapped Jhope's back during Danger dance practice (appeal ver.)
Member that dance to 'Copycat' by Orange Caramel during Danger dance practice(appeal ver.)
Rap Monster's hometown
Member that said he had been lied by their PD 3 years before their debut
First award they won at MAMA
Jhope's nickname
In summer special 2015, Suga said to Jungkook that he was ugly and looked alike with this CARTOON CHARACTER when jungkook was swimming in the pool.
The only member that never crossdress until the moment I wrote this.
Member that asked about the his royalty that involved in making songs
Mr Spreading Legs
Name their cypher in Skool Luv Affair album
Really proud of 'Let Me Know'
Share bedroom with V and Jhope
'I take you to the mall, buy clothes, what you wanted, any day you can call, we are the one, we are the one I'll pray I'll stay' Name this track.
What song Jhope said that he love in Danger album?
V sang this during his birthday
Name the person that taught jin and jhope beatboxing
'I'd rather die than live without passion.' who said this?
What colour of their tuxedo did they wore during red carpet which jungkook could not attend?
Netizens gave this nickname for jin after red carpet at Melon Music Award
BTS biggest fannmeeting
The hardest member to wake up

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