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What is the name of Oliver Queen's dad?
How long were Felicity and Oliver gone on their relaxation trip?
What did Ray Palmer rename Starling City to?
What is the name of Damien Darhk's wife?
Who did Oliver choose to die on Lian Yu?
How long was Andy Diggle thought to be dead?
What is the profession of Felicity's mom?
Who is the father of Thea Queen?
What is the name of the agency Amanda Waller is the director of?
How many times have Lyla and John been married?
What phase did Felicity go through in college?
Who is the Heir to the Demon?
What is the name of Tatsu's husband?
Who pretended to be the Black Canary?
What is the first thing Oliver killed on Lian Yu?
Who does Felicity's mom leave Star City with?
What club was Tommy manager of?
What is Thea Queen's codename?
Who ran Queen Consolidated when Oliver was on Lian Yu?
Who created Vertigo?

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