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Song LyricSong TitleAlbum
I need your love to guide me back home5 Seconds of Summer
It's getting late now, I've got to let you know5 Seconds of Summer
Demons hide behind my back and I can see them, 1234.YOUNGBLOOD
Everybody's gonna go big tonight, in a couple hours we'll be likeSounds Good Feels Good
Are you somewhere feeling lonely, even though he's right beside you?5 Seconds of Summer
Knowing what you did, my heart doesn't feel rightAmnesia EP
Making plans to rule the world, you were more than I deserveSounds Good Feels Good
She put me on meds, she won't get out of my headSounds Good Feels Good
And now you've got the best of me, I got the worst intentions5 Seconds of Summer
Curtain open, heard the crowd roar. This one's a repeat, seen it before.She Looks So Perfect EP
And the shirt that I had that you always borrowed, when I woke, it was gone, there was no tomorrow.Don't Stop EP
Remember all the memories, the fireflies, the make-believe5 Seconds of Summer
Some things are meant to be secret and not to be heard, so if I tell you, just keep it and don’t say a word.YOUNGBLOOD
I hear the sirens at the door, they're always coming back for moreShe's Kinda Hot EP
I say 9 to 5 is overrated, and we all fall downSounds Good Feels Good
She's good at school, she's never truant. She can speak french (I think she's fluent)5 Seconds of Summer
No matter what you do or say, baby you’re not what I need.5 Seconds of Summer
Falling fast, breathing slow, time is up, the end is just a dream.YOUNGBLOOD
Every chance that I seem to get, finds a way to end in regretUnplugged
In the moonlight, you looked just like an angel in disguiseDon't Stop EP
We’ll never be alone, and all the things we dream about, they don’t mean what they did before.YOUNGBLOOD
Words that you said to me, hey, hey, Haley, won't you save me?She's Kinda Hot EP
The blood in my veins is made up of mistakesSounds Good Feels Good
Saying that your heart hurts, that you'll never get over him getting over you5 Seconds of Summer
Ignored by gravity, but in the end, don't ask why.Sounds Good Feels Good
Song LyricSong TitleAlbum
You're so caught up in all the blinking lights and dial tonesShe Looks So Perfect EP
Red lipstick on and high heel stilletosSomewhere New
I wish that I was back home next to you. Oh, everyday, you feel a little bit further away5 Seconds of Summer
Now I wish we never met cause you’re too hard go forget.YOUNGBLOOD
She's got a rose tattoo, but she keeps it coveredDon't Stop EP
You were crying at the airport when they finally closed the plane doorShe Looks So Perfect EP
I don't understand what's happened, I keep saying things I never say.5 Seconds of Summer
This is not who I'm supposed to be, without you I'm nobody killing time.Sounds Good Feels Good
It don’t matter be combative or be sweet cherry pie, it don’t matter just as long as I get all you tonight.YOUNGBLOOD
We said we both loved higher than we knew we could go.YOUNGBLOOD
My teacher said I was mentally disabled, so unstable, so I stayed in bed all dayDon't Stop EP
Fade away, lost inside a memory of someone's life, it wasn't mine.Sounds Good Feels Good
Til I'm jaded and lying on the floor, faded, I'm wrapped in your arms.Sounds Good Feels Good
How we gonna fix this, how we gonna undo all the pain?She Looks So Perfect EP
I know I’m the stupid one who ended it, and now I’m the stupid one regretting it.YOUNGBLOOD
You got a boyfriend, and he's a total loser. All your friends tell you that he's got no futureGood Girls EP
Do you tell them white lies, do you tell them the truth?Ghostbusters Soundtrack
I will wait for you, so love me again. I guess I was running from somethingSounds Good Feels Good
I wish I could rewind all the times that I didn't show you what you're really worth5 Seconds of Summer
I just need another hit, you're the thing that I can't quit.Sounds Good Feels Good
No matter where you go you know I wait for you. I would break and bend if you wanted me to.YOUNGBLOOD
You relocated from New York a month ago5 Seconds of Summer
So let me take you away, we could run down the streets with stars in our eyesSomewhere New
I feel so lonely when I'm in a crowded space, you left me without direction5 Seconds of Summer
The taste of your tongue, smoke in your lungs, and I need your loveSounds Good Feels Good
Song LyricSong TitleAlbum
We could cut the tension with a knife in here, cause I know what'll happen if we get through thisSomewhere New
I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go. Silent words are hard to speak5 Seconds of Summer
Get too high when I’m high, so we see eye to eye. Take the high with the low and away and away we go.YOUNGBLOOD
Your clothes on the floor in that old apartment, I never thought you'd leave without a traceShe's Kinda Hot EP
Something that doesn’t sound insane, but lately I don’t trust my brain.YOUNGBLOOD
You shine in the dead of the night and I was the first to fall.YOUNGBLOOD
You're waiting for a break to come, it always comes too late5 Seconds of Summer
Everyone was asking for your name, you just smiled and told them trouble.5 Seconds of Summer
Holding onto a dream while she watches these walls fall downSounds Good Feels Good
I was looking for attention, needed intervention5 Seconds of Summer
I won't waste another day wishing this would fade awaySounds Good Feels Good
And I chase it down with a shot of truth, then my feet don’t dance like they did with you.YOUNGBLOOD
Late night, I think we need a getaway. Headlights, hold tight, turn your radio loud.5 Seconds of Summer
Just a girl, turned 18. She ran away to chase her dreams5 Seconds of Summer
Don't recall a single word that hit me faster than I heard inside my headSounds Good Feels Good
Won’t you wait a moment? Just give me a second, that’s all.YOUNGBLOOD
I think she wants to get with me, but she's got a job in the city.5 Seconds of Summer
I sat on my hands, I don't make a sound. Getting it right, I made all my plansSounds Good Feels Good
Late night conversations led to complications, now my heart is in my handsSounds Good Feels Good
You push and you push and I’m pulling away, pulling away from you.YOUNGBLOOD
Throwing rocks at your broken windows, only you can cure my sicknessSounds Good Feels Good
Your lipstick stain is a work of art, I got your name tatooed in an arrow heart.5 Seconds of Summer
And what’s ironic to me, the ones who don’t ever leave think that they know.Sounds Good Feels Good
I check my phone to see your face staring back as if to say don’t worry, you won’t be lonely.YOUNGBLOOD

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