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QUIZ: Can you name the Ragtime Trivia Pursuit?

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The name of the second piece Coalhouse Walker plays for Mother's family
Had slight infatuation with Tateh and his daughter
Father left for Peary's polar expedition on a ship named the __________
Pierpoint Morgan's only reminder of his humanity
Finds a brown baby
Invented the Cherry Bomb
What was the name of the Pharaoh whose sarcophagus Morgan kept in his home?
Is dissatisfied with his inability to please the upperclass
How much does Tateh sell his paperfilm for?
Killed Stanford White
What exclusive club do Morgan and Ford found?
Theodore Dreiser's first book
What is the second place Tateh and his daughter move to after they leave New York?
The name of the first piece Coalhouse Walker plays for Mother's family
The gift Coalhouse Walker brings for Sarah
Henry Ford disliked this group of people

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