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First king of the Franks
The _____ were built on the state of war. Cuzco was the capital city, they had the city of Machu Picchu in the mountains. They created the knot system.
The _____ could have been wiped out from natural disaster, they had the _____ calendar.
They had brutal sacrifice. They also had a writing system. The beginning.
Early native North Americans
Painter, famous for the virgin mary paintings, laws of perspective.
Release from all, or part of the punishment for sin.
Eternal decree, god had determined in advance who would be damned.
The father of Italian renaissance humanism.
'The Prince' Better to be feared than loved.
Priest in Zurich, relics and images abolished.
This made Luther an outlaw.
Roots of English Reformation.
Accepted the devision of christianity in Germany.
First Protestant faith
First femenist writer (french) The book of the city of ladies.
First ruler, 1447-1462 in milan. Mercenaries. Took over from Viscontis. Tax system kept him in power.
Best known Christian humanist.
The ability of human beings to reason and improve themselves, read the classics and the bible. Northern renaissance humanism.
Renaissance man (many different skills) painter, sculptor, architect, inventor and mathematician.
Translated the bible into German. Began the Protestant Reformation.
Annul his marriage, had a son. Established the Church of England in 1534. He disagreed about claims. King of Germany
People who didn't like giving strong power to the state.
Stunning attack on abuses in the sale of indulgences.
He published 'institutes of the Christian religion'.
______ and ______ agreed on the leadership of the Catholic Church, the sale of indulgences and... who spoke better German.
Chaucer's story '__' was important because of Chaucer's use of vernacular which was important in making his dialect the chief ancestor of the modern English Literature.
The century of the Black Death.
Reaffirmed traditional Catholic teachings in opposition to Protestant beliefs.
This included Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.
Resulted in a decline in Church power, lasted from 1378 to 1471.
Peoples after maya civilization.
Olmec God
When did the Olmecs appear?
Cosimo de' Medici's grandson.
What was the Inca state built on?
Took control of Florence in 1434.
Commentaries on nearly all of Aristotle's surviving works.
Where did Arabic numerals come from?
Charity, belief, journey to Mecca, fasting and prayer are called the_____
Cairo, Baghdad and Demascus are all capital cities in the _____ empire.
This story is about a woman who had married a man that would only have his wives for one night..... to 'play chess'.
Haab' the Tzolkin and the Long Count calendar were created by the_____
The three 'T' capitals was the______
The pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lives.
Well known philosopher and scientist who wrote a medical encyclopedia.
a wealthy merchant and Muhammad's father in law.
Muslim Bible
'Holder of Power'
The ___ capital was Tikal.
Caravan manager - married a rich widow and had received revelations from God.
Who could interpret the Mayan Tzolkin calendar?
The similarities between the ____ and the _____ included personality and power of leader, humbling of captives, and the use of mirrors and bloodletting.
This Mayan calendar was based on 20, there were 144,000 days which was 394 years that this lasted.
a formal meeting of the sacred college of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church in the Vatican City.
Connects the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea.
The guards of the Ottoman Turks
He began condemning the corruption and excesses of the Medici family. Citizens turned to him when they disagreed with Medici.
This stressed the need to follow the teachings of Jesus.
Muslim numerical system.
Leader of the Muslim faith.
capital was brought to Baghdad after the defeat of the Ummayad caliphs, this (began/ended) when their Leader was taken to Constantinople as a prisoner.
Obligation of a vassal to a lord.
this doctrine took power from the king and gave more power to the lords and nobles.
The three fields helped the development of farming in the Medieval Age. one for a____, one for s___ and one for w___. They also used water and wind power.
The power and rise of the church, Germanic people had settled the western roman empire and the legacy of the Romans Christian Church, this all helped the formation of _____
He used Venacular writing and he wrote the devine comedy.
Regain holy land, the pope did it to gain power. This was the reasons of the start of the _____.

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