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XVIII or 18Tampa, Florida
II or 2Miami, Florida
XI or 11Pasadena, California
XXVIII or 28Atlanta, Georgia
XLIV or 44Miami Gardens, Florida
XXII or 22San Diego, California
VIII or 8Houston, Texas
XVII or 17 Pasadena, California
XLVI or 46Indianapolis, Indiana
XXIV or 24New Orleans, Louisiana
XXIII or 23Miami, Florida
XXIX or 29Miami, Florida
XXXVI or 36New Orleans, Louisiana
I or 1Los Angeles, California
XXXIII or 33Miami, Florida
XV or 15New Orleans, Louisiana
XL or 40Detroit, Michigan
XLVIII or 48East Rutherford, New Jersey
XX or 20New Orleans, Louisiana
XLII or 42Glendale, Arizona
XIII or 13Miami, Florida
XXXIV or 34Atlanta, Georgia
XVI or 16Pontiac, Michigan
XLIII or 43Tampa, Florida
XXXVII or 37San Diego, California
IX or 9New Orleans, Louisiana
XXXVIII or 38Houston, Texas
XXXIX or 39Jacksonville, Florida
VI or 6New Orleans, Louisiana
III or 3Miami, Florida
XXX or 30Tempe, Arizona
XLVII or 47New Orleans, Louisiana
XIX or 19Stanford, California
XII or 12New Orleans, Louisiana
XXV or 25Tampa, Florida
VII or 7Los Angeles, California
XXXV or 35Tampa, Florida
V or 5Miami, Florida
XXXI or 31New Orleans, Louisiana
XXI or 21Pasadena, California
XLV or 45Arlington, Texas
XLI or 41Miami Gardens, Florida
XXVI or 26Minneapolis, Minnesota
XXVII or 27Pasadena, California
XIV or 14Pasadena, California
XXXII or 32San Diego, California
X or 10Miami, Florida
IV or 4New Orleans, Louisiana

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